June 10, 2009

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Unfortunately trendboard is now operating as an consultant service only. Please contact trendboard@gmail.com for detail and rates.

Thank you to all the loyal supporters and I hope to work with you someday ! 

                                                   Illustration by Trendboard

May 20, 2009

Black Gold and Heels

Whats a little fashion without some sex and violence??......

                                                Vogue - February 1995

                                                  Madonna - Chanel Gun Shoes

                                  Philippe Starck - Gun Lamp

                                  Ted Noten - Lady K Bag nr.4

                                   I Shot Andy Warhol Movie Poster

May 19, 2009


Before we start Pre-Fall Trends again... I just want to take a moment to celebrate JEANS MINIS SEASON... <3's 

                                                            Erin Wasson 

                                                    Lindsay Lohan

                                            Amy Winehouse

                                                   Mary Kate Olsen

                                                   Nicky Hilton

                                                           Nicole Richie

                                             Ashley Tisdale

May 10, 2009

Back Soon :)

I am super sorry for the lack of posts recently. A lot has been going on with private consulting here at trendboard and I just cant keep up..
Regular daily posts we resume next week... Pre-Fall is coming and I am prepared.
For the moment here is the chicest image EVER.....  

                                  Jane Birkin with her Birkin bag...

May 4, 2009

Blood Shot

The hits of red have not only been appearing as a Women's trend but in the Men's market as well. I love all its versions from bright reds to rust .....

                                       Elizabeth Peyton - Pete & Carl, 2004

                                                   Louis Vuitton - Fall 09

                                            Donald Judd - untitled

                                    Jack Pierson - Self Portrait #19, 2003

                                                   Tim Hamilton - Fall 09

May 1, 2009

Hermes DIY Style.... part 2

OK... OK... it was my first try!!
now I need to figure out how to get it human size and make it little better :)

Hermes DIY Style

What better way to spend a rainy weekend than to make a DIY Kelly bag. On the " travel the world of Hermes " section on hermes.com you can print your own Kelly bag to glue together... what a fun and chic project... 

                                  Grace Kelly with her namesake bag.

                                  A screen shot on the Hermes website

April 28, 2009

All Rothko All the Time...

Recently looking through some work of Mark Rothko made me think of the hugh influence he has had on fashion over the years. Below are some of my favorites...

                                         Mark Rothko - 1961
                                                   Vera Wang - Fall 06

                                              Maurizio Pecoraro - Spring 08

                                             a painting by Rothko

                                                   Etro - Spring 06

                                        a painting by Rothko

                                                   Raf Simons - Fall 08

April 22, 2009

Don't Walk ...... RUN

If you have not seen it already.. Don't Walk... Run to the Society of Illustrators to see:

The Line of Fashion
128 east 63rd Street 
NYC, NY, 10065

April 1st - May 2nd


April 21, 2009

A Hard Case to Crack

Reminiscent of the glamour days of travel..the Hard Case Suitcase seems to be making a major come back... nailed and trimmed in leather, it is a symbol of chic and beyond......

                       Painting by Christopher Stott -  chrisstott.com

                                                   Louis Vuitton - Fall 09

                             Flea Market finds - apartmenttherapy.com

                                                   Gilded Age -  Fall 09

                                   J Crew - Fall 09

April 20, 2009

Check Mate

-Bold and Graphic : Check
-Black and White : Check
-Classic : Check

                                            Rudi Gernreich - Fall 1971

                                              Comme des Garcons - Fall 09

                                                 Sacramento Capitol Building 

                                            Ronald Traeger - Vogue 1965

                                               Dolce & Gabbana - Fall 09

                                Rene Gruau - International Textiles 1955