April 28, 2009

All Rothko All the Time...

Recently looking through some work of Mark Rothko made me think of the hugh influence he has had on fashion over the years. Below are some of my favorites...

                                         Mark Rothko - 1961
                                                   Vera Wang - Fall 06

                                              Maurizio Pecoraro - Spring 08

                                             a painting by Rothko

                                                   Etro - Spring 06

                                        a painting by Rothko

                                                   Raf Simons - Fall 08

April 22, 2009

Don't Walk ...... RUN

If you have not seen it already.. Don't Walk... Run to the Society of Illustrators to see:

The Line of Fashion
128 east 63rd Street 
NYC, NY, 10065

April 1st - May 2nd


April 21, 2009

A Hard Case to Crack

Reminiscent of the glamour days of travel..the Hard Case Suitcase seems to be making a major come back... nailed and trimmed in leather, it is a symbol of chic and beyond......

                       Painting by Christopher Stott -  chrisstott.com

                                                   Louis Vuitton - Fall 09

                             Flea Market finds - apartmenttherapy.com

                                                   Gilded Age -  Fall 09

                                   J Crew - Fall 09

April 20, 2009

Check Mate

-Bold and Graphic : Check
-Black and White : Check
-Classic : Check

                                            Rudi Gernreich - Fall 1971

                                              Comme des Garcons - Fall 09

                                                 Sacramento Capitol Building 

                                            Ronald Traeger - Vogue 1965

                                               Dolce & Gabbana - Fall 09

                                Rene Gruau - International Textiles 1955

April 16, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

As we have observed before the classics are making a return... but we are loving a new twist on pearls. And these are certainly not your grandmother's.. new pearls have a punk like edge...

                                                   Louis Vuitton - Fall 09

                                                            Coco Chanel 

                                             Renee Gruau 

                                        Vermeer - Girl with Pearl Earring 

                                                   Louis Vuitton - Fall 09

                                            French Vogue - March 09

April 14, 2009

LED Vision

Inspired by the upcoming Jenny Holzer show at the Whitney... what better LED color story than Pink and Purple grounded in Black....  

The Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street
New York, NY 10021
Showing: March 12- May 31 2009

                                  Jen Campbell - jencampbellphoto.com

                                                     Lanvin - Spring 09

                                  Jenny Holzer - 2009

                                                Lanvin Ad - Spring 09

                                   Laser Lights

                                                      Lanvin - Spring 09

                                  Jen Campbell - jencampbellphoto.com

April 10, 2009

Friday's Style Icon: Johnny Depp

                               Quintessentially Johnny : www.moscot.com