February 28, 2009

New York Runway Fall '09 Trend - 80's Ladies

A trend from the New York Runway is appearing ..... the return of the glam 80's Lady !!!!!

                                                   At Marc Jacobs

                                                   At Marc Jacobs

                                                   At Derek Lam

                                                   At Oscar de la Renta

                                                   At Oscar de la Renta

                                                   At Marchasa

                                                   At Alexander Wang

Biker Chic

With new bike lanes emerging all over the city, I wanted to explore my favorite mode of transportation. It seams all to common to bump into Leo DiCaprio biking on the bike path of the West Side Highway... or Jake and Lance somewhere in LA. Here are some of my favorite bike images.......

                                            Jackie by Ron Galella, NYC 1969                                            

                                                  Liz Claiborne Fall 09 

                                   A Bike by Chanel

                                   Carlos Caligaris - Sprint, 1964

                                   A bike by Hermes

                                  Yellow Bike Sculpture 

February 27, 2009

It hit me in the face

I was wandering the Chelsea Art Gallery District with my friend Khadijah searching for inspiration for my first post and, there it was... It was everywhere ! Shades of Orange and Pink... the combination of these colors remind me of Isaac Mizrahi or Christian Lacroix but, there was something subtle and fresh about them on this fake spring day... I snapped a few photos and went home to research.... I love the combination of these two colors grounded in shades of tan and heather grey.

                                    a parking garage door opener in Chelsea 

                                   the window of a hardware store on 10th Ave 

                                                an Illustration by T Perez

                                                    Photo by Mondino

                                                outside a Gallery in Chelsea

                                                  Chanel Winter 1995

                                                a painting by Gilbert and George