March 12, 2009

Visions d'Espagne

While perusing the shelves of my favorite store Strand Book Store ( ) i happened upon an old art magazine called L'Illustration from Winter 1939.. one of the featured stories was Vision d'Espagne ( visions from Spain )... the printed images seemed to glow with subtle hints of silver and shades of metallics. This story is inspired by those washed metallics.. earth tones and chambray blues.....

                                         Visions d'Espagne - Andre Maire

                                               John Rawlings - Vogue July 1953

                                              Albert Watson - Golden Boy 1990

                                          Sheila Metzner - British Vogue 1985

                                      Norman Parkinson - 1977

                                             Visions d'Espange - Andre Maire

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